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Children in Classroom

Bringing About Positive Change Through Drama

Play4Change creates a dynamic space for children to explore important issues in a fun and inspiring way.

In a nutshell, Play4Change consists of short Forum Theatre plays, each focusing on a specific issue or problem, which the children perform themselves. It is designed to be facilitated by teachers in a way that is flexible and attainable within a busy schedule. 

The plays can develop children’s understanding of the issue or problem, and encourage them to find possible solutions.

Participating in drama offers numerous benefits to children. It can help to nurture:

Confidence and


A Sense of Ownership and Achievement

Teamwork and Collaboration Skills​



Mental and

Emotional Wellbeing

Importantly, Play4Change will help children to find the language to express their feelings around issues that have an impact on their lives.

About Me

I’m Carol Vine, the founder of Play4Change. I’m an established playwright and qualified primary school teacher. 


I wanted to combine these skills to create a project for children that enables them to have ownership of a creative experience, rather than simply observing.


As an ex-primary school teacher, I do understand the time constraints that teachers face. So, I designed Play4Change to be as ‘teacher-friendly’ as possible. There are different ways to facilitate the project, none of which require huge amounts of time to be set aside. 


Taking Part, the children will have fun, experience the benefits of doing drama, and develop their awareness and understanding of issues that might affect them.


The Taking Part section will explain all you need to know about how to do the plays with your class.

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